Design law

A design is a registered right which protects the outward appearance of an object. The design is not necessarily a question of taste, but it must have sufficiently specific characteristics. At the time of registration, a design - just like a patent, and contrary to a trademark - must be new and must be sufficiently distinct from known forms of design, i.e. it must be different.

We carry out research for our clients and register designs on the national, European and international level.

We assist our clients during negotiations and the conclusion of licence agreements and the sale and purchase of designs and similar rights. Furthermore, we provide representation services in court and out of court for clients who wish to enforce their design rights in relation to third parties, we defend them against attacks by others, object to designs held by our clients' competitors and attend to prosecution or defence in case of violations of competition with connections to design rights. Even if designs have not been registered, the new option of an unregistered European design protection or the provisions of competition law may allow successful action against design piracy.

Your contacts: Markus Kreuzkamp, Christoph Hoppe, Maren Müller-Mergenthaler

  • Written warnings and litigation management
  • National registration of design rights
  • Due diligence and design rights
  • Nullity proceedings
  • Enforcement of design rights
  • All types of design research
  • International registration of design rights
  • Design rights in the context of sales contracts
  • Infringement proceedings
  • Claims to hold design rights
  • Purchase and sale of design rights
  • Monitoring of design rights
  • Licensing of design rights
  • Defence of design rights
  • Law governing designs
  • Objection and deletion proceedings