Patent and Utility model law

Patents and utility models are technical property rights covered by industrial property rights. In this area, we advise our clients when choosing the most suitable type of protection, in order to ensure that their inventions obtain monopoly status as quickly and effectively as possible.

Patents and utility models can be used to protect technical inventions. The prerequisite for this is that such inventions have a commercial area of application and, in particular, that they are sufficiently new and inventive at the time of their registration in comparison to established state-of-the-art technology.

We verify the situation with regard to property rights prior to applying for registration, and develop a registration strategy which to the best possible extent meets the client's ideas and requirements. We conduct speedy application for national and/or international property rights registrations, and keep close contact to the appropriate institutions, in order to ensure that property rights will be granted as quickly as possible.

During negotiations and the entering into license agreements, and during the sale or purchase of property rights, we attend to our clients' interests. Furthermore, we provide representation services in court and out of court for clients who wish to enforce their property rights in relation to third parties, we defend them against attacks by other holders of property rights, object to patents and utility models held by our clients' competitors and attend to prosecution or defence in case of violations of competition with connections to patents and utility models. We also examine whether new products violate existing (technical) property rights held by third parties, prior to the introduction of such new products.

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  • Delimitation agreements
  • Licensing of patents and utility models
  • Written warnings and litigation management
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Claims proceedings
  • Deletion proceedings
  • Employees' inventions
  • National registrations of patents and utility models
  • Due diligence and property rights
  • Nullity proceedings
  • Enforcement of patents and utility models
  • Evaluation of patents and utility models
  • Consultancy for inventors
  • Claims to hold patents and utility models
  • Law governing utility models
  • Monitoring of patents and utility models
  • Claims to hold utility models
  • Proceedings regarding the violation of patents and utility models
  • Customs seizures
  • Patents and utility models in marketing agreements
  • International registrations of patents and utility models
  • Research on patents and utility models
  • Purchase and sale of patents and utility models
  • Defence of patents and utility models