EDP and media law

IT law comprises the compilation of numerous contracts, such as purchase contracts for hardware and software, project contracts, consultancy contracts, maintenance contracts and licence contracts. Furthermore, the tailor-made compilation of standard terms and conditions can help to effectively limit unexpected economic risks in the area of IT and e-commerce.

When selling goods and services in distance selling, in particular via the internet, providers must comply with certain special requirements in order to avoid increased risks of subsequent disputes with customers and competitors.

There are numerous similarities between multimedia law, which has come to the fore with the spreading of the internet, and classic media law. Many legal issues known from "classic" media - printing press, literature, radio and television - arise in a modified form. We assist our clients with our expertise, with regard to "classic" and new media.

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  • Standard terms and conditions
  • Purchase of hardware and software
  • Licensing of software
  • Data protection
  • Information obligations
  • Tele-services and media services
  • IT contract law
  • Multimedia law
  • Copyright law
  • Electronic signatures
  • Press and broadcasting law
  • Publishing law
  • Distance selling via the internet
  • Protection of software
  • Film and television law
  • Compilation of software