Computer and internet law

Computer and internet law is an area of law which has a multitude of connections, in particular to contract law, copyright law, competition law and trademark law.

In the area of computer law, the compilation, licensing and protection of all types of software gives rise to comprehensive legal questions which require foresighted legal consultation. This applies to standard office software and trade-specific solutions for companies, and also to computer games.

If a dispute arises regarding domain names, for issues regarding the purchase of goods on the internet, the protection of copyrights in the global World Wide Web and the design of websites, legal consultancy and representation are valuable instruments for our clients in order to reduce the risk of costly infringements, and to safeguard their own rights.

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  • Domain disputes
  • Multimedia law
  • Conclusion of contracts on the internet
  • Purchase and sharing of domains
  • Protection of digital works
  • Marketing on the internet
  • Design of websites
  • Protection of work titles and trademarks
  • Course of action in case of written warnings
  • Liability for websites
  • Protection of software
  • Competition law
  • Trade on the internet
  • Tele-services and media services
  • International contracts
  • Copyright law