Commercial law

Commercial law is the special law for businesses and companies with commercial operations. It is tailor-made to trade requirements and demands increased business experience and preparedness to take entrepreneurial risks from businesses and companies with commercial operations.

Our clients appreciate our comprehensive legal consultancy and representation as a valuable service in the context of national and cross-border commercial transactions.

Often, we can contribute with diligent consultancy and anticipatory contract drafting to avoiding right from the start potential subsequent legal disputes for a company with commercial operations. In cases of dispute, we assist our clients in the enforcement and defence of their rights.

Your contacts: Markus Kreuzkamp, Christoph Hoppe, Andreas Samoilov

  • Franchises
  • International sales law
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Sales representation
  • Leasing
  • Drafting of contracts for businesses
  • International trade law
  • Transport and shipping law
  • Marketing law