Advertising law

In Germany, advertising law is regulated in particular in the law against unfair competition (UWG). Advertising law, just as the entire field of competition law, is subject to continuous change, in particular due to high-court decisions, to increasing European harmonisation, and past and planned law reforms.

In advertising law, we examine our clients' marketing projects and advertising statements with regard to their lawfulness, prior to their publication. If necessary, we cooperate closely with the company's marketing department or advertising agency. This includes not only an examination of the lawfulness under the provisions of competition law, but rather also the question as to whether the utilisation of trademarks and slogans may infringe upon older third party rights with superior priority. Also, we are committed to attending to our clients' interests in the pursuit of, and defence against, anti-competitive acts by business rivals (written warnings, injunctions, action for cease-and-desist and damages).

Your contacts: Markus Kreuzkamp, Christoph Hoppe, Maren Müller-Mergenthaler, Andreas Samoilov

  • Written warnings
  • Linked offers
  • Litigation management
  • Emotional advertising
  • Solicitation of customers
  • Special events
  • Trade libel
  • Customer-related impairments
  • Telephone and doorstep advertising
  • Drug advertising
  • Advertising through laypersons
  • Comparative advertising
  • Internet-related legal issues
  • Food advertising
  • Advertising measures and trademark law
  • Cosmetics advertising
  • Advert plagiarism
  • Value advertising/ illegal advertising